The government now attacking Fijian Kids

Fijian children barred from NZ dream trip – 21 Dec 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The governments continued hypocrisy over Fiji has now reached ridiculous heights.

10 Scouts have been banned from attending the Jamboree in New Zealand because their parents are in the Army.

It is not often I agree with Keith Locke, but today he makes absolute sense.

[quote]Greens foreign affairs spokesman Keith Locke said the Government should use more common sense in applying its ban.

"There's not usually arms training at a jamboree," he said.

He asked why Fijian Education Minister Netani Sukanaivalu was granted a waiver to attend a Pacific education conference in Auckland, and the the scouts were barred.

"Surely the young scouts are much more deserving of consideration than a minister in the military government. It seems small-minded to suggest school children should be held responsible for the actions of their parents."

"I suggest the Government apply a bit more fairness, and in the spirit of Christmas let the children come here and take part in the jamboree."[/quote]

So while the government clamps down on freedom in New Zealand they also kill the fun of innocent kids in another country.

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