Tim's right….I can't believe I just said that

Tim Shadbolt is sailing very, very close to the wind. This is his advert that will hit the papers tomorrow. it may wellll already be illegal even though it will be published one day before the "regulated" period. You see it advocates against Labour and for National and thus gets captured by section 65 one of the little known clauses that actually regulates free speech for all time, not just the campaign period. Graeme Edgler is of the opinion that Tim could well be in trouble, precisely for section 65. This is why I fought against the legislation, and why I will continue to fight against it.

I don't like tim Shadbolt, I don't like his poltics but i do like that he has seen this law for what it is. I will also defend the right of Tim Shadbolt to say whatever he damn well likes. Unfortunately for the left they are now morally bankrupt after supporting the bill. Clark and Cullen and Winston and Peter and Jeanette have destroyed the ideals of freedom that leftists usually march in the streets for.?