World First – Charles Ashe MP is to become the first carbon neutral MP in the world

Charles Ashe has announced that he is to be the world's first carbon neutral MP.

[quote]13 December 2007

Charles Ashe MP

Spokesman for the Environment, Sustainability, Ozone Gap

World first – MP launches push to be carbon neutral

Well known and popular List MP Charles Ashe today launched a world first – that is to become the first MP to be carbon neutral.

The high-ranking backbencher launched his sustainability push on the back of a Green bus in Auckland, en route to buy a hybrid car. Afterwards he recycled and rode his push bike home.

"I certainly think it's important for an MP to be seen doing the right thing. I am investigating the prospect of buying a Green car, possibly a Hybrid. I always take the new Green Link bus (which emits 90% less phosphates and noise) to meet constituents and it's safer when attending Christmas luncheons," said Mr Ashe from the Swanson recycling depot today.

"It's important that we leave a footprint for our grandchildren (yet born) but not a carbon footprint. It has to be a footprint of inspiration and compassion for Planet Earth. I love the earth, worms, clean air and plenty of healthy snapper, and crops. However we can't take it for granted. We all have to change our behaviour, and I'm leading the charge."

The charismatic MP, who saw Al Gore at an APEC meeting in the late 1990s, says he will be carbon neutral by the time of the next election, according to his OECD calculations and if the PM holds off the election until at least November 2008.

"Planes are bad. So I will stay in Wellington longer. We all have to make sacrifices and this is mine. I wish everyone had such foresight," concluded Mr Ashe now in waders cleaning out the inner harbour with some crippled yet caring youngsters.


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