And the left thinks we are bad

Disgrace ? KiwiBlogBlog

Check this comment out for how one leftist think the EFA should progress.

[quote]redlogix Says:
January 12, 2008 at 6:41 pm
I dunno, for a bunch of evil Stalinists we are a piss weak bunch of pussies. Personally I think the EFB will need to be backed up with some real action, and as with banning plastic bags I see the Chinese are once again leading the way:

? On Monday Wei happened on a confrontation in the central Chinese province of Hubei between city inspectors and villagers protesting over the dumping of waste near their homes.
A scuffle developed when residents tried to prevent trucks from unloading the rubbish, Xinhua said.
When Wei took out his cell phone to record the protest, more than 50 municipal inspectors turned on him, attacking him for five minutes, Xinhua said. Wei was dead on arrival at a Tianmen hospital, the report said. ?
Thats more like it!![/quote]

Nice and to think they always want the high moral ground

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