Another Alex Swny Marketing Disaster

Fresh from the marketing disaster that was his tilt at the mayoralty, Alex Swny has landed the Auckland Ratepayers with a bill of $800,000 for a rebranding exercise for the Auckland CBD.

And what a marketing disaster it is!!!! Renaming Auckland from the "City of Sails" to "The Big Little City".

Jesus (sorry) what was he thinking….that is like telling your girlfriend you have? a "big little cock". All you are going to get is sniggers and people pointing.

Time the Mayor did something about this fool.?

[quote]Auckland city rebranding designed to lure shoppers

Posted at 8:22am on 18 Jan 2008

Central Auckland is to be renamed 'the big little city' as part of new $800,000 marketing campaign.

The rebranding is designed to lure customers back to Queen St after a year-long upgrade saw shoppers flee to quieter suburban shopping malls.

Business lobby group, Heart of the City, which is behind the campaign, says the new slogan will replace 'city of sails'.

Chief executive, Alex Swney, says it is supposed to be tongue in cheek, as Auckland is a big city in New Zealand but a small one by international standards.

"We don't want to be one of these big, brash Aucklanders overpromising and talking as if we're New York. New Zealanders love understated heroes, we like a slightly self-deprecating humour."

The campaign will be launched on Monday[/quote]