Anti-Labour website hears electoral watchdog's warning

Anti-Labour website hears electoral watchdog's warningA 21-year-old who set up a website urging people to vote against Labour has been contacted by the Electoral Commission because he is not complying with provisions of the controversial new Electoral Finance Act.
Andrew Moore set…
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Andy Moore has ensured another week with the EFA in the news. Clark's Blackberry will have flat batteries from all the text messages from duty ministers aghast that issue won't go away.

I have spoken to Andy and he is adament that he WILL NOT publish his name and address as he says "why should I!". Exactly Why should anyone have to publish their name and address just to say Don't Vote Labour?

The ridiculousness of this law is that if you wear a t-shirt or one of those trndy rubber band things on you wrist and it says Don't Vote Labour and it doesn't display your name and address they will also break the law!

I think it time now to up the ante and go for mass non-compliance. National should also come out and say that if anyone is prosecuted under the law that they will repeal they will also pardon those who stood up for free speech? and wipe their record clean in the same legislation.

Bumper stickers will also breach the law. I want to see what they do when someone "wraps" their car.?