Bill Ralston : It all comes down to money

Bill Ralston : It all comes down to moneyMy vote is for sale this year. In fact, all of us are open to the right kind of deal from a political party come the next election. As the campaign comes closer, expect a barrage of special offers from politicians in the kind of "send… [NZ Politics]

Bill Ralston says his vote is for sale. He however doesn't fully understand the rationale behind tax cuts. He says that National takes the lead because they will give you some of your hard-earned cash back. Uhmm actually no they won't. A tax cut actually? means that they won't TAKE as much from you in the first place, leaving you with more of your own money in your pocket.

Labour cops it for their tax cuts, no tax cuts, perhaps they'll be part of the mix bullshit that they keep fudging.

[quote]Labour governments like to think they can spend our money more wisely than we can. This tactic carries the added benefit that it can target the spending to win the gratitude of gullible and greedy voters.

It worked at the last election when Labour seemed doomed but was rescued at the last minute by the South Auckland vote as the recipients of a plethora of Government handouts voted with their wallets.

Heaven knows what bribe Helen will come up with this year, but stand by for a host of grand-sounding schemes that will promise to make your life so much better if you have a family and don't earn a lot. The theory being, those people feeling the financial pinch will rise to the proffered bait and re-elect Labour.

Most people will fail to realise that it is Cullen's regime of heavy taxation that is eroding their standard of living and if they got a tax cut they might not need the handout.[/quote]

Yes and that is the difference isn't it National won't take as much and Labour wwill take just as much if not more and spend it for you on people who don't like or even care about.?