Botany selection could be interesting

There are four contenders for the new seat of Botany for National. Selection is on Feb 5 and since it is just down the road I might go along and blog it. Should be very interesting.

The four candidates are;

  • Kit Parkinson – local business running essentially a pay day loan operation. has won local business awards. Would appeal to his customers at the bottom end of the electorate.
  • Youngshin Watkins – young and idealistic though a little naive Korean Kiwi.
  • Ken Yee – perennial drop kick candidate, very lazy campaigner, thinks the seat is his as of right becasue a)he is Asian and b)has been a candidate before. Very poor showing in local body elections in Howick Ward, some of which is in the new seat, despite being a previous councillor. Beaten out by Sharon Stewart who is well known and a sitting councillor who works hard and Jami-Lee Ross the young hard worker who knocked on most doors to snare a second term.
  • Pansy Wong – already a list MP. Hard worker by all accounts though a little naive at times.

Right let's look at some demographics of the electorate.

Asian Ethnicities make up 36.12% of Botany Electorates voters. Traditionally though I understand that they have a poor turnout. Thus selecting an asian candidate would seem to make sense, not only locally at the electorate level but also at the Party Vote level. Why? Because Botany has 36.12% Asian ethnicities whilst the whole of New Zealand has just 8.80%. If someone could get around all those asian voters and convince them to vote there are an awful lot of party votes to be got….around 16,000 give or take a few.

So if we look at the candidates it would seem to be a two horse race between the ladies. One young and enthusiastic, the other experienced at campaigning. If I was a selector in Botany then I would probably go for Pansy because it gives the party better coverage. Pansy would not try and go up against the shrieking shrew from Auckland Central leaving that open for the selection of someone who could really give Tizard a right good shellacking. Pansy if she was smart would then enlist Youngshin Watkins to help, especially covering the large Korean contingent that live and work in Botany.

The best selection for the party would be Pansy and the worst Ken Yee. Ken is just plain lazy and worse to understand than Pansy. Remember 41.46% of the electorate are still European. The second best candidate would be Youngshi Watkins and I think that Kit Parkinson just has too much baggage.?