Cash for Policy run by Labour

Billionaire 'unlikely to give money to Labour'The expatriate billionaire caught up in a row over the suggestion his $500,000 donation to the Labour Party paved his way to the New Year Honours list says he is unlikely to give money to the party ahead of this year's election.
[NZ Politics]

This article in the NZ Herald today would appear to confirm for all that Labour runs a "Cash for Policy" system and at the very least a "Cash for Honours" system, or even perhaps both concurrently.

Owen Glenn who gave over $500,000 to Labour before the 2005 election has said he is unlikely to give to them again, making Mike William's statement about the honours list sound very, very, very hollow.

Now Owen Glenn is a pragmatist and a businessman. He will in all likelyhood back the course favourite or the party most likely to put in place policies that suit him and his billions the most. At the last election that clearly was Labour and with their unashamed pursuit of a free trade deal with China we can see the "Cash for Policy" deal happening.

Labour though appear rooted. It is as plain as the mole on helen's face before the photoshopper got it. Thus Owen Glenn will not donate to them this year. Losers don't attract cash and that is why Labour has had to resort to gerrymandering the Electoral system in order to try to retain power.

They are dead broke, with membership renewals plummetting and now in the street, instead of open adoration, they are copping open hostility.

Quite literally Labour through their arrogance have become the hollow, cancerous, corrupt lepers they have always been but through manipulation of the media, police and government PR departments managed to stop seeing that not only did the emporer have no clothes but had all the aforementioned faults as well.

I hope Nicky Hager is at least looking at Labour now and it's "Cash for Policy" or its "Cash for Honours" scandals.?