Chris Trotter voices the unthinkable

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Chris Trotter, chorus boy for Labour at their last conference has uttered the previously unthinkable words.

“Should Helen Clark go on leading the Labour Party?”

This opinion piece will have Illuminati of Labour all aogo and the barbies being fired up in Roskill.

Chris Trotter even goes so far as to call Clark mad.
[quote]Three victories in a row; three successful minority coalition governments; eight consecutive years of economic growth, falling unemployment and rising living standards: these are not achievements to be sneered at.

But, what the Gods can give, they can also take away. And it is very difficult to read the events of 2007 as anything other than proof of Euripides’ famous observation: “Those whom the Gods seek to destroy they first make mad.” For what else was Helen Clark’s dogged defence of Sue Bradford’s “anti-smacking” legislation ? if not sheer political madness?[/quote]

Ouch! What about his thoughts on the Electoral Finance Act.
[quote]Instead, Helen Clark allowed Mark Burton to introduce the Electoral Finance Bill, a grotesque political cudgel with which Labour will be mercilessly beaten right up till Election Day in November ? probably to death.

So, here we are, at the beginning of 2008, with Labour in the electoral dog-box. A worryingly large chunk of Labour’s core constituency has become alienated from the Helen Clark-led government, and it is to be seriously doubted whether they can be persuaded back while she remains Labour’s leader.[/quote]

Double ouch.
[quote]This vital chunk of culturally conservative, economically stressed voters, a great many of them married men in their thirties with young children, large mortgages and high aspirations (both for themselves and their kids) could represent as much as 5 per cent of the electorate. And, at the moment, John Key has got ’em.

If the Labour Government is to have a serious crack at winning a fourth term, it has got to get these voters back.

It won’t get them while Helen Clark is prime minister.

Put Phil Goff in charge, and it just might.[/quote]
Triple Ouch!. Chris is probably in hiding now with Salman Rushdie and Elvis, living in fear of his life.

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