Confident? Dumb more like

Confident young voter knows her mind – 06 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Read this article about a “confident but exceedingly dim soon to be voter. Remember as you read that this kid was 9 years old when Labour came to power and has only known a Labour government. She doesn’t remember Muldoon because he was dead before she was born and she doesn’t remember the last labour Government because she wasn’t even thought of.

She is going to vote Green, why?
[quote]”I’ll vote Green. I don’t know that much, but I just like the ideas. Freedom of speech… I think most kids from here will vote for them because they think it’ll mean legalising weed.”[/quote]
Well she got one thing right, she doesn’t know much. the Greens perhaps more so than Labour are directly responsible for the dramatic assault on Freedom of Speech in this country, yet it is one of her “ideas” that she likes!!! Silly, silly little girl. Is it any wonder this girl has been indoctrinated by her equally dumb parents who are self-confessed ex-hippies who lived in a commune. Remember her support for the Greens?
[quote]”It’s meant to be a hippy town but psychedelic drugs aren’t available: it’s just P and weed. I don’t think it’s P that’s made them violent: they can’t really afford it. But weed is a bad thing, because everyone gets dopey and lazy and they can’t be bothered; then they get drunk and angry.”[/quote]
Mmmm-okay, so “P” is good weed is bad….hang on a minute, she supports the Greens whose major policy plank is the legalisation of marijuana!!! Silly, silly little girl……confident? Nope, just plain dumb.

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