Could we see Cullen and Cunliffe in the dock?

Minister in firing line over pylonsEnergy Minister David Parker is facing questions after claims he interfered in an independent regulatory body decision, after he said he did not, and is now likely to have to repeat his denials in court.
The issue has arisen in…
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The Herald catches up with DPF and talks about the evidence before the High Court of Roy Hemmingway.

We may yet see at least one but possibly two ministerial scalps for lying.

[quote]The basis for that claim centres on meetings between Energy Minister David Parker and Electricity Commissioner Roy Hemingway, and separately, Finance Minister Michael Cullen and Hemingway. Both ministers are likely to be summonsed to testify in court over their actions.

A sworn affidavit by Hemingway, filed in court with the action, claims Parker gave "his view of how the [Electricity Commission] was to do its job", that the commission should stop mediating relationships in the Waikato and should "defer to Transpower on all technical matters".

Parker has denied intervening in the process, saying he told both parties the country needed an answer to Transpower's proposal. But the claim states that Parker or any other Government minister had no legal power to "direct or intervene" in the decision-making process that the Electricity Commission was carrying out.

The legal action targeting Parker also claims that Cullen met with Hemingway to tell him the Government "would not tolerate a stalemate" over the Waikato transmission line and if a decision was not made quickly, he would intervene.

Hemingway also stated that Cullen had said he would deny the meeting ever took place.

Cullen has said in Parliament that in "the interests of the country and the interests of Auckland… they had to find a solution and stop playing games with each other". Cullen also rejected in Parliament suggestions he would deny the meeting took place.[/quote]

So it seems that not one but two ministers have been interfereing in the process specifically against the legal proviions that they do NOT interfere. Looks like Labour Ministers just can't stop theire interfering.

What is it with Ministers that surnames start with "C" that they can't stop meddling? Carter and now Cunliffe and Cullen.