Damning Evidence against John Key

Damning evidence against John Key! for sale – TradeMe.co.nz – New Zealand

OMG!!!! This is disaster for National. This email proves Exclusive Brethren links to John Key.

Monkeys With a Typewriter breaks the story and gets first hand comments from Nicky Hager;
[quote]Nicky Hager who wrote the famous book ‘The Hollow Men’ based on emails that he’s similarly found or had passed to him, was available: of this latest scandalous revalation which he missed out on, he stated today that:
‘I’m not sure of it, but I am almost certain that, although I don’t have actual concrete evidence, that John Key was the writer of this email, because I was told he was by some people from inside The National Party who wish to remain anonymous about it. Or something.'[/quote]

Based on this evidence I’d say Key is knackered, well and truly.

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