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Letter to Walk the Walk | SOLO – Sense of Life Objectivists

Duncan Bayne at SOLO writes a letter to “Walk the Walk”
[quote] Hi,

I found your site through the Save The Happy Valley website, and I’m keen to participate in your walk, to stand up against capitalism and the damage it’s doing to our fragile ecosystem. I’ve never been to a walk like this, but I have been following the progress of our brothers and sisters in the Save The Happy Valley team. In light of this, I’ve a few questions as a Walk the Walk newbie.

First, what weapons should I bring? According to the Police Affidavit I’ve read, sniper rifles are the preferred weapon amongst Wellington peace activists, but I’m not really in touch with the latest fashions.

Secondly, how much ammunition will I need? Granted this is a peaceful walk, but there’s always the possibility of close-range contacts with special forces troopers, just like Tame Iti was training people for a few months ago. I was thinking several hundred rifle rounds and possibly a few grenades would cover it.

Lastly, I’m a bit concerned that all of this shooting might be producing greenhouse gases. Does anyone in your group know of a good source of organic, holistic, low-emission propellant? If not, can you suggest a company from which I can purchase carbon credits to offset the cost of normal ammunition?

Thanks for your time, & I look forwards to joining your peaceful march.

Duncan Bayne[/quote]

I wonder if he has had the courtesy of a reply yet?

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