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[quote]Pratfalls and misdemeanours have overshadowed what should have been a triumphal year for Labour. Now trailing in the polls, where does this leave Helen Clark’s plans for a fourth term?[/quote]

Yes quite. And Dear Leader is not best pleased with the NZ Herald either;
[quote]”I think that with one exception the media by and large have been fair. It’s given both sides but the [New Zealand] Herald campaign has been extraordinary.”

“If this were London you’d have a multi-media market. The Telegraph would be thundering like that, but you’d have the whole range to The Mirror and The Guardian, but that doesn’t happen in New Zealand because we are one-paper towns.”[/quote]

yes extraordinary in its honesty and integrity something that she has scant association with.

She is desperately clinging to the poll that showed Labour only four points behind.
[quote]”Let’s put it in perspective. The Government polling a month ago was four points apart. So that tells you that when we are able to get on with governing without distractions we are formidable. Even where we have ended up in this last round we are within cooee of the 1999 result, so what’s changed?”

It is not so much about Labour declining, but National vacuuming up all the available protest votes.

“Normally those votes are spread around a range of minor parties. Come election year, minor parties get a bit more of a show to come forward and show their wares. And it is very, very hard to hold polling anything like the high 40s. The third parties will have their day in the sun. If I were the Greens I wouldn’t be losing a minute’s sleep. They make it over 5 [per cent].”[/quote]

….perhaps she and her licky-bottom supporters haven’t cottoned on to the inconvenient fact that perhaps it was that poll that was rogue not the ones that polls consistently show Labour trailing by enormous amounts. I hope she keeps believing the lie that minor parties increase their support.

She even has a crack at DPF.
[quote]”And please would TVNZ put him on every night and his backers; a lot of the noise is being driven by that coalition of right- wingers the Business Roundtable, allegedly Families First etc.

“It’s the same old crowd that whipped up the hate on a lot of issues. The critical thing for us is not to get in the gutter with them.”

She intends to run “a positive forward-looking campaign and of course leadership will play a big part in it. Relentlessly positive”.[/quote]

Oh we shall see, won’t we…..those very words may well comeback to haunt her when Labour not only gets down in the gutter but goes deep into the sewer.

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