Editorial: Absurdity of vigilance already felt

Editorial: Absurdity of vigilance already feltBarely a week into the year and the Electoral Finance Act has bared its teeth. The body charged with policing the act, the Electoral Commission, has contacted a 21-year-old about his website, named "dontvotelabour". He was told he… [NZ Politics]

One little website, one major PR disaster for Labour and its apologists.

This year I predict even more civil disobedience, imagine the PR disaster if a 15 year old gets prosecuted for his website.

This just shows the absolute ridiculousness of the law, that the government is so afraid of what someone says on a website that they passed a law to require that person to register. Presumably so that they can slander and malign? them in parliament.?

Ominously it also seems that another unintended consequence has raised its head, that of the possibility that the "blog" regulations only cover single author blogs. That multiple author blogs are illegal unless they carry authorisation. This will absolutely crack me up if that is the case because then the Union paid lickspittles at the The sub-Standard and the stalkers at Kiwiblogblog will have to state who they are.The irony of those apologists for the EFb/EFA having to annoucne to all and sundry who they are will be delicious.