Fisking Trotter

Clint Heine and Friends: Chris Trotsky in the SST

Chris Trotter’s piece in the SST is damnably laughable. Boomtownprat at Clint’s blog gives it to Trotter and shows why the fool can’t be believed on anything he says.

I particularly like this rebuttal to Trotter’s assertion that the opposition to the EFB/EFA was by Labour’s Tory enemies;
[quote]Since when was the Human Rights Commission, Tim Shadbolt, The Maori Party and Mike Moore “Labours Tory Enemies”.
This kind of analysis is simply partisan, shallow, sycophantic and hollow![/quote]

ZenTiger at NZ Conservative exposes the modus operandi that will reflect the leftists attack this election year, that of smear, innuendo and ad hominem. That it is Chris Trotter again that reveals the tactics shows how malignant and hollow he has truly become.
[quote]The left are already lining DPF up as a worthwhile target to attack with his efforts on raising awareness about the EFB/EFA. With DPF getting regular air time too, expect DPF to be subtly slurred and continually linked back to National as part of ?the mud sticks? philosophy. Expect DPF to be responsible for whatever commenters say on KiwiBlog too, when it suits the left wing media.[/quote]
Witness the constant attacks on DPF at the sub-Standard and at his stalker blog Kiwiblogblog, if you are in any doubt. Rumours, yet to be confirmed, but spouted by one lefty adherent of onanism, of a stalker blog dedicated to me show how desperate the left has become in trying ti counter the effectiveness of new media and in particular the effectiveness of the right in establishing an audience and maintaining it in the blogosphere.

ZenTiger also fisks Trotters truly appalling column today and get right into him. The best line is in response to Trotter’s assertion that because Labour nicked money in 1999 and 12002 they should be fine to do it again.
[quote]That’s almost like a thief being caught on the third burglary claiming that they should get off because they got away with the first two. But just to clear up the confusion (and this ‘contrived confusion’ by Chris and Labour), there were rule changes made to absolutely clarify spending bounds in 2004, and this information clarified to all parties so that there would be no ‘confusion’ in the 2005 election. If the door was locked, then it was definitely ‘break and enter’, even though any child knows an unlocked door is not tantamount to an invitation to steal.[/quote]
Yes Chris Trotter has shown where his colours are nailed, if it wasn’t obvious anyways after he plonked his enormous arse in the front row of the Labour toadies singing the truly awful labour campaign song.

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