Government continues to sock it to disabled

Funding for disabled frozen – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

These stories make me so mad.

Funding has been frozen for providers of caring for 7000 people because why?

Because “due to higher than anticipated spending on assessing the needs of clients, further contract-rate increases for providers were postponed.”

So lets get this right, the people at the pointy end caring for disabled people are getting stiffed because the bureaucrats at the back end spent more in “assessing the needs of clients”

Assholes. And why have the costs of “assessing the needs of clients” gone up? Well because the ministry implemented a NEW needs assessment and service co-ordination information system and mandated that everyone have a client review.

So again, let’s recap. The funding at the pointy end has been stopped because the back-end bureaucrats caused a cock-up that means that they exceeded their own budget.

In the Army we used to call this a “clusterf*#k” caused by REMF’s (google it)

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