Government has the "big money" to buy elections

Spinning govt yarn costs $47m – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Breathtaking political hypocrisy is the only way to describe the limiting of personal freedoms including speech while at the same time more than doubling the amount spent on spin doctors taking the annual amount, just in salaries to over $47 million.

While the ordinary Kiwi has to give their name and address to the government and publish it on everything they say and still not spend more than $120,000 saying what it is they want to say there are no such restrictions on the 448 spin doctors the government has hired.

To put that in perspective, based on the salaries alone there would need to be 391 registered opponents with their imposed limit of $120,000 to even get within a bulls roar of the firepower the government has. Remeber we have only included the salaries, not the millions extra on Television advertising, leaflets, mailouts etc.

It is clear to all who can see that the real “big money” buying elections is the governments. The public by comparison are limited to chump change.

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