Greens treat Electoral System with disdain ? Blog Archive ? nandor tanczos to resign from parliament..(and soon..!..)..(a whoar exclusive..!..)

If Phil U at is right and he isn’t on a bender then his reveling of the cynical manipulation of the List system to get Russel Norman into parliament will be the end of them and any other small party except the Maori Party and perhaps Act.

I hope they go ahead with what Phil thinks they will because for sure the public will think the Greens are cynical manipulators. Watch their poll ratings plummet accordingly. They turned their back on democracy by supporting Labour in passing the Electoral Finance Act, now they treat the Electoral Act with disdain as well.

Since Rod Donald died the Greens have become increasingly hysterical and more rabidly communist. Please Jeanette do this and gift new Zealand the end of the small parties.

Cynical, just cynical.

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