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In their futile quest to find EB’s under every bed associated with National, DPF’s stalker blog gets it so wrong it isn’t funny, in fact they get it so wrong they may well be sued.

They post Stan Blanch’s email to Anne Tolley and the proceed to denigrate him, slander the Insurance industry in general and the FPIAA in particular and bizarrely make a very tenuous connection of Stan Blanch to the Exclusive Brethren.
[quote]stanb2 Says:
January 15, 2008 at 7:15 am

What an absolute lot of nonsense laugh?
The person who wrote ths must have been sniffng glue or somethng
Dont know anyone who is attached with EBC??
Wouldnt even know an Eclusive Brethern person if fell over one!
The FPIA you refer to is a proffessonal assoc that represents 2000
Insurance advisers and financial planners n Nz.
It sets and montors professional standards in the financial industry.
t disciplines people who break the rules or act omproperly.
I was a Director for 3 years, volunteer,unpaid.
Jayman you better be careful you have publshed a lot of nonsense here!
Tim Shadbolt and I go back 27 years.
I was the charman of the ?Give Tim a far Go campaign?
At that time Tim waswbattling for the Waitemata City Council Mayoralty.
We formed a group of about 24 local people, mostly we were all very young. With a low budget, making our own signs,making our own pamphlets, having some rock concets, including entertainers who gave their time for free( Billy T James, Topp Twins)
We campaigned hard and won the Mayorlty including every single seat on Council. Tony Covic the Mayor was gone but he did sue Tim for defamation for $60,000.
Tim lost in the High Court but Tony as I remember was awarded only $1.
I was in my second year as a teacher in those days.
am a cartoonist.
I dd infer that it would be good if the EBC who supposesdly have so much money could donate it to the billboard campaign,anything to get this awful Labour Gvt outof power.
My line that: The EBC is praying very hard for a change of Gvt is joke!
Dont you get it???[/quote]

Stan corrects these fools and still they persist in attacking him. They like the apologists for the EFA think that because someone, anyone has a differing opinion from them that they must be ridiculed and stopped from spending their own money. This is the sad state that New Zealand has come to.

ickystinky in particular thinks that because the Exclusive Brethren don’t vote that they shouldn’t engage in anything other than prayer. How is that for standing up for peoples rights!!!! Because they don’t vote, they should STFU is basically what he is saying. I don’t see him calling for Colin James to cease writing his columns. He has stated numerous times that he hasn’t voted since 1974. Does that make what Colin says any less important or relevant? Not at all.

It is this approach by the apologists that shows how deranged and unhinged the government and their supporters have become with anyone who opposes them. It is time for a change.

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