Is Labour using public funds to fund theStandard

Kiwiblog ? Blog Archive ? The Standard hosted by the Labour Party?

The Standard has well and truly been outed today on DPF’s blog.
[quote] it?s actually quite easy to see why The Standard reckons it costs nothing to run their blog, and, of course, who *really* pays for the blog. is hosted on a server at

A WHOIS on that IP address gives us:

inetnum: –
descr: New Zealand Labour Party
country: NZ

Oh dear.

It appears their server is hosted on an IP block purchased by THE NZ LABOUR PARTY from 2Day. Personally I?d find it incredibly unlikely for Labour to pay to put up a ?blog? with comments from what would appear to be professional comms people (?spindoctors? posting propaganda) without said comms people also being paid by Labour, or perhaps one of their Labour-affiliated member unions.[/quote]

This was in response to me asking so very pointed questions about ho exactly was funding the Standard and their almost fulltime bloggers.

It appears we all know now. It is the Labour Party.

More questions need to be asked though. The Labour Party website is paid for out of public funds, we know this because of the nice little House of Representatives logo at the base of the site which is now in the proper colours after I drew attention to their previous law breaking. Does this now mean that public funds are paying for theStandard. Does this mean that public funds are being used to pay for the design upkeep and ongoing posts by the so far anonymous bloggers?

There are some very serious questions that need to be answered. Yoooo whoooo!!!! Tane got any.

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