Is this the start of the end?

Peters: The economy is not OK – New Zealand news on

Being in coalition with Winston is like…..well…ummm….ok…got it….sleeping with snakes, you never know when they are going to bite you.

Winston invariably manufactures a crisis with which to attempt to chance his arm.

He has come out today in stark contrast to jolly Mickey Cullen.
[quote]”While some indicators are sound, others, particularly our debt levels, current account deficit and interest rates are not, leaving us dangerously exposed,” he said in a statement.

“What this situation is crying out for is greater liquidity, and yet what we have are further constrictions.”

Mr Peters, who is foreign minister, said interest rates were the highest in the developed world and the situation was “outrageous”.

“The simple fact is…that New Zealanders are now spending huge portions of their incomes simply servicing debt,” [/quote]

Well Winston how about answering some simple questions then?

Why do you continue to support a government that has presided over the the highest interest rates in the OECD?
How come if it is outrageous who keep the useless history lecturer in power?

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