It's only a blip – nothing to see, move along

10 dead – but it’s a ‘blip’ – 31 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Phew! I was getting worried about the state of crime down in South Auckland but luckily it was only a blip. We know it is a blip because our Minister of Police and our police and criminologists say it and even an old fool from Christchurch says so.

OF course the killings are but the tip of the iceberg – What police statistics do show is that incidents of violent crime shot up by 350 from January 2006 to the following January – from 4398 to 4748.

Annette King basically blames it all on Global Warming and the Full Moon!!!!!!…well sort of;
[quote]Police Minister Annette King yesterday visited the scene of the shoot-out in Flat Bush, south Auckland.

She said the hot summer and full moon were to blame for the recent “unusual events” that had created mad January in south Auckland.

“It’s well documented within the police – and we’ve had a long hot summer – and the view is that we often get things happen in this month that we wouldn’t have happening in winter.”[/quote]

Well fuck me with a broomstick, its all the full moon’s fault and because it is a little warm.

The Police Minister should resign forthwith for that idiotic statement alone, but not before going to each of the 10 families who have lost someone and apologise to them that her government think that it is only a blip that they are dead.

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