Labour Party funded site advocates rorting EFA

DPF takes the moral highground at

On a thread at the Stranded we see resident techo Lynn Prentice spilling the beans on how the Labour funded mouthpiece site is going torort the very laws that they supported and hollered about.

That’s right they are going to circumvent their own laws.

Jan 27th, 2008 at 4:30 pm

Looking at Cameron?s letter to the electoral commission reported above.

I think I?ll get interested when the electoral commission contacts me. They will certainly need to look at the issue of multi-author blog sites.

It can almost certainly be coded around if they come to a decision on the basis that Cameron is suggesting. Set it up as separate sites, one per poster, then link together as a series of anchors in an upper level site. Would be a bit of a pain having or even

I?m afraid that the legislation never really keeps up with the technology. Coming to think of it, that blog exemption for a electoral advertisement, must be about the first time that legislation has ever acknowledged the existence of websites? Actually I?m wrong – the word blog could also include other types of media.


One wonders why they just don’t comply with the law that they saw as just, equitable and fair. Why the hiding?, why the obfuscation? Why the hollow side stepping of the law that they supported?

Why indeed?

Well one reason maybe because Irishbill called Craig Ranapia an “Uncle Tom”….he has since deleted the comment and is now threatening to ban any one from the site for calling out his racism. Of course it would be a travesty if the general public were to know which Labour sponsored, civil servant residing and blogging from inside the beehive holds such racist views.

Once again the Standard should be held to the “standard” that they supported and forced upon all others. Double Standard? Sub-Standard?

Definately, but then when one is supported by the party of hollow liars you can’t expect much else.

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