Labour sponsored attack blog censoring comments

How a blog works at

Sometimes commenter Zutroy has informed me of the censorship of a rather mild comment of theirs at Labour Party sponsored attack blog The Standard.

Upon visiting the Standard and seeing a rather tepid post of a flowchart on how people’s blogs get published in the magic of cyberspace, she left a small comment saying “I missed the part where the blog is hosted on a Labour Party website. Could you please point out where it says this?”

It would seem that such gentle prodding is unwelcome at Labour Party sponsored attack blog the Standard.

The comment was deleted, with an instruction that Zutroy go back to Cameron’s website.

And so dear readers, I’m pleased to report Zutroy has indeed come back to Whaleoil, bringing with her this amusing tale of Labour Party sponsored attack blog the Standard’s short fuse when it comes to who is actually funding their smear attacks, no matter how gentle the prod.

I guess this shows that when a wound is sorely infected and suppurating, even the most minor prods cause pain.

Once again we see The Very Double Standard at play.

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