Marketing Disasters

I know that trades people like to advertise their businesses on their vehicles. They do this for a number of reasons, tax deductibility, advertising etc.

Some though should really think through the full implications of the target markets. This image is one I took this morning while I was waiting for my Doctor's appointment in Meadowlands. For those who don't know Auckland, Meadowlands is in actuality "Little China". Little China is sandwiched between Howick and Botany so there are plenty plus European customers.

Now don't get me (W)rong, this guy is probably a first class artisan, but putting his name on the van and business wasn't the correct marketing call. Nevertheless if you need any tiling and don't know any desperate Thai immigrants then please give this guy a call and prove me (W)Rong. Oh and BTW the Indian behind is superb and I eat there as often as I can…it is my second favourite restaurant in Little China after Ken Yakitori.