Mass Disobedience 101

Scrubone has basically called me a soft cock for not going far enough. I cannot let this go unanswered.

He has a great idea though.

[quote]We need an anti-EFA poster on every free speech supporting house in the
country. Can you imagine Labour supporters going door knocking, with
house after hose having a "Don't Vote for Labour" or similar poster?

Can you imagine walking along NZ streets, with house after house showing their opposition to the Hollow Woman's schemes?

I can.

a start: get out a sheet of A4, print or write a message in big letters
and post it on your door. Then, encourage your neighbours to do the

Labour has messed with our rights. Let's make a response they'll never forget.[/quote]

so I have prepared a pdf of this image, in A4 size for your mass
printing convenience. A bit of paste on the back and these should stick
rather nicely to Labour MP's electorate offices.