McDonalds shuts down blogging employee

McDonald's worker's blog shutdown – 18 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

[quote]A former McDonald's employee was ordered to stop blogging after he published details online about his workplace.

Blogger Michael Davis has since left his job at the Kaitaia fast food restaurant to run his own web design business.

His blog contained details about the conditions of work and the treatment of staff.[/quote]

McDonalds applied to the ERA for a injunction and the ERA uled on January 14 that Mr Davis was to refrain from making any written statements or posting any information on digital media about McDonald's, or any of its staff.

Hmmm….no wonder certain EPMU staffers remain anonymous at their anonymous blog while they defame and slander all over the internet.
Still at least Michael Davis had the courage to blog with people knowing his real name. Certainly not a coward, they seem mainly to populate the lefty blogs.

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