Mike Moore: Banana republic risk, without the bananas

Mike Moore: Banana republic risk, without the bananasNew Zealand's constitutional arrangements and the issue of becoming a republic will soon be on the political agenda. Here's why – and why it's dangerous.
There's almost a consensus between the parties on Australia becoming a republic….
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Mike Moore explores the issues behind his call for constitutional change. it is largely the piffle of old Mike Moore but there was one good nugget in the midst of it.

[quote]The present direction is visionless, dangerously ad hoc, short-term, and confusing. Democracy is about who runs the country. A constitution is about the limits of Government.

Constitutional change ought not to be rushed or hurried, and should only be entered into after deliberate, detailed and sober consideration, consultation and reflection.[/quote]

And that is one of the major reasons why the Electoral Finance Act is so bad, it broke conventions of parliament, was rushed and had no detailed and soder consideration.?