Mike Moore: Constitutional arrangements – what's next?

Mike Moore: Constitutional arrangements – what's next?A Government minister asked why was it raised now?
He can't have read his correspondence. My case is that with all Australian parties supporting change, and the fact that the Queen is not immortal, the issue will be on the agenda,…
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Mike Moore elucidates further why he brought uo the need for constitutional change and really rather urgently.

Asked "If it ain't broe why fix it?" he said;

[quote]I agree, but if that were so, why are we making incremental change –
from abolishing rights to the Privy Council, reform of the Honours
List, introducing MMP, refusing another referendum, and conventions
such as cross-party support for electoral law being broken. There is a
dangerous potential for a deal to be struck in secret coalition talks
to form a Government after the next election.[/quote]

I agree with him….it makes matter worse when you look at what he has identified as critical….abolishing rights to the Privy Council brought in by Labour, reform of the honours list brought in by Labour, refusing another referendum on MMP, again Labour, and rorting elecoral law to suit themselves, yep Labour again.

Essentially labour are to blame for the silent and stealthy destruction of our constitutional history and all of it with the barest of parliamentary majority or by secret backroom deals.

Is it any wonder that the call for some constitutional safeguards is growing daily??