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Mike Moore warns of Finance Bill chaos | POLITICS | NEWS |
[quote]Former Prime Minister Mike Moore is warning of chaos in the courts as the new Electoral Finance Act is tested by opponents.

Moore says the Act has set a playing field for some spectacular election year sport, as opponents look for clever and unique ways to beat it.

He describes the legislation as rushed, badly drafted, full of loopholes and can not be understood.

He expects it will be a matter of weeks before the law is deliberately tested in the courts, and found wanting.[/quote]

Website challenges new Electoral Finance Act | TECHNOLOGY | NEWS |
[quote]The creator of a website challenging new electoral finance laws is expecting to hear from election officials.

Christchurch man Andrew Moore has launched the website breaching the Electoral Finance Act which came into force on Tuesday.

Moore says the website was not set up to purposely break the law.

He says he is angry at the idea of registering for freedom of speech but he is not sure what he will do if the Electoral Commission calls.

Moore says it will be a case of playing it by ear.[/quote]

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