More faux outrage from the sub-Standard

More shoddy reporting from The Herald at

As more proof of the silliness of the left there is all this is the hysterical shrieking from the leftists that two researchers used to work for…..shock….horror…a National MP’s campaign. The joke is once again the outragers are anonymous cowards who are upset that someones previous activities aren’t disclosed while they themselves fail to disclose who they are, who pays their salaries to blog pretty much full time and who they used to work for.

So what, dickheads….it doesn’t make their message any less valid.

Have we reached the point in our society that anyone with opposing views to the left now has to carry a card to hold up declaring where and when they were employed anytime prior to the “enlightenment period” which “began magnificently in 1999”.

Hmmmm Germany 1930s meet New Zealand 2008 where the thought police are watching your every move.

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