Mugabe Billboard make the news

Mugabe makes a point – Southland Times – Southland Times

I prefer to call out campaign the Death by Thousand Cuts for the government. Periodically we will give them a cut….there is all year to do so. Another few cuts were added today when our new billboard went up in Invercargil across the road from SIT.

Predictably the Labour sponsored bloggers at the Standard are a little upset. Never mind. Oh btw Tane, have you disclosed your anonymous donors yet? Is it more than the Labour party? What topic do you have to blog on for your donations?

Still if Tane, Labour sponsored blogger, thinks the FSC campaign is a PR fiasco how come it keeps hitting the news….looks more like a PR success to me.

Calling for us to declare our funding when you yourself hides anonymous donations and your political affiliations is just hollow and hypocritical. Quoting failed marriage wrecker and ex MP Deborah Coddington is ….well…just plain stupid….but then we aren’t the ones who tried to hide our Labour sponsors are we?

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