Rather good fisking of a spiteful, nasty, little socialist

Another Day, Another Bizare NRT Post ? Something should go here, maybe later.

Scrub me old mate, I owe you a beer.

i was going to write up a reply to IDIOT/savant about his calling me a Nazi. But Scrubby me mate has done a bang up job himself in destroying any lingering credibility the spiteful little bastard ever had.

Here is just a list of his version of the world;

Worst of all, when you follow the self-referencing links of hatred, he ends up quoting irrelevant labour party spin, that never never had any credibility from the second it was published.

I would have responded but like all good socialists he has done the blog equivalent of putting his fingers in his ears to stop from hearing anything other than his own echo by stopping comments.

All I need now is the nambypamby brigade to do a posting each to round out a fruitful day of poking pins in pinko’s eyes.

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