Relaxing at Tutukaka

Arrived at Tutukaka this afternoon after a pleasant drive up here. The only bummer was the suckful Police revenue gathering right at the end of a passing lane, the longest on the road up here. Arseholes. Dead straight piece of road, long passing lane and a fecking speed camera at the end of it.

Fortunately all oncoming traffic warned everyone in the time honoured way.

Onto some rumours floating around. One lefty wanker who clearly doesn't know what a deal is has opened his big yap and dropped around the traps that he is setting up a stalker blog to "get me". Good-o, if it is war then bring it on. I am quite prepared to go nuclear, not much point in having the bomb and not using it.

Warming up the photoshop as we speak.

Remember lefty wanker, If you wrestle with pigs, two things are certain. You get dirty and the pig enjoys it! So bring it on, I welcome the attention.?