"Right Wing Blogger" coins new term

Fran O’Sullivan: Sandwich is the operative word – 30 Jan 2008 – Opinion, Editorial and reader comments from New Zealand and around the World – nzherald

Fran O’Sullivan coins a new term that she believes John Key should start using. “The Sandwich Economy”
[quote]But the National leader should coin the term next time he paints the picture of a New Zealand “sandwiched between low growth and high inflation” where finance company collapses have robbed thousands of their savings, mortgage rates are sky-rocketing, retirement savings are being eroded by falling share prices and inflation is eating away at spending power and living standards.

He could also expand the analogy further and question whether this situation is not in part because Finance Minister Michael Cullen has been “eating tax-payers’ lunches” by expropriating their incomes through excess taxes.

Right now “sandwich economy” is apt enough for the situation that New Zealanders, from policy-makers through to business and householders, are facing.[quote]

What a great description. Pretty hard to argue against as well.

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