Schools call in the heavies

Cash-strapped schools call in heavies to collect donations – New Zealand news on

Despite blithe and pithy statements from the Minister who can’t spell schools are increasingly resorting to call ing in the heavies to get their “donations” out of parents.
[quote]Debt collectors are chasing parents for unpaid “voluntary” school donations, alarming Education Minister Chris Carter who says the move is illegal.

Baycorp says it has contacted parents from “a handful” of state schools to recoup the donations, and community law advisory group YouthLaw says it has received calls from parents who have chosen not to pay the donation and have been chased by debt collectors.

Carter, speaking from Madrid on Friday, said coercing parents to pay donations was illegal and “I would not tolerate any New Zealand school breaking the law. I would certainly intervene if parents approached me and I would urge them to do so… Parents are to email or telephone my office if a school has done that”.[/quote]

He’d know all about illegal, being one of the government ministers with first hand experience in illegal activities. Baycorp says it is collecting on behalf of over 100 schools some of which are State schools.

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