Shadbolt riles up government

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Tim Shadbolt is using colourful language in his campaign against the government. He has given an interview to The Truth where he says;
[quote]the Government can “stick its anally retentive Prostitution Reform Act right up its own little back passage to Parliament” .


The mayor also talks about big fat lazy bums, Labour’s fetish for bottoms and boobs on bikes during the interview.[/quote]

Truth chief reporter Jock Anderson said the paper would interview Mr Shadbolt once a fortnight on various issues. The paper backed Mr Shadbolt’s stance against the Electoral Finance Act and Truth publisher Dermott Malley had accepted a challenge from Mr Shadbolt to donate $5000 to the SIT fighting fund. But if Mr Shadbolt’s interviews did not help boost Truth circulation by at least 10 percent by this year’s general election Mr Shadbolt would give the money back.

Great….now if Mr Anderson wants to increase hs circulation a bit more, I’ve got some ideas.

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