Some straight shooting over Fiji crook who was bashed

Straight reporting not advocacy should be the rule of NZ media reporting of the Ballu Khan case ? Poneke?s Weblog

Poneke has written about the silliness pervading our media with anything to do with Fiji and the Ballu Khan case in particular.

He (is it a he or a she) correctly notes that BK is closely aligned with bent deposed PM Qarase. That means that some of Khan’s business dealings under Qarase’s corrupt regime may well have come to the attention of the authorities as they battle to clean Fijian politics and business up from essentially 40 years plus of corruption, nepotism and favouritism that the old system operated under. The same system that the Ratu’s pillaged for personal gain until Bainimarama took over.

There is also a old adage in Auckland that if Peter Williams is representing you then dollars to a knob of goat shit you are as guilty as hell.

My mate Adolf also points out the almost required foolishness of our media.

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