State Housing 1: John Minto

Here at I?ll be kicking off a series entitled State Housing , now you can take a peak at how the socialist other half live.Chez Minto Every week I?ll expose the double standards of New Zealand?s champagne socialists who bemoan the bourgeois by day and live large by night. And who better to start with than veteran oxygen thief John Minto?

Socialist lickspittle and rent an outrage John Minto stained the pages of the NZ Herald earlier this month bemoaning the suffering inflicted by granting property rights to the poor. Most pointedly, he wrote :

[quote]"Property rights are there to benefit the wealthy and the middle class. They mean much less, if anything, to people in poverty."[/quote]

It's clear Minto is speaking from experience and I don't mean when he talks about poverty. Minto is a paid up member of the landed gentry he scorns, a champagne socialist whose concern for the poor obviously doesn't extend much past the delicately trimmed hedge of his practically palatial Sandringham Villa.

In 2003 Minto forked out almost half a million dollars – an amount that would take one of the minimum wage workers Minto purports to represent 45,000 hours of work to gather – for the cushy home-and-income (John "margins" Minto sweetens the deal by renting out a flat on the grounds of his 634m2 estate) in Sandringham. Judging from the neighbours, Minto could be in for a windfall of 650k+ if he were to cash in his assets and his darling working class. Let's just take a moment to consider the stats. In 2003 the average sales price in Auckland was in the mid to high two hundreds. It could just be that John was helping to socialise the means of accommodation one pre-1914 villa at a time, right?

For all his activist and protest-group cred, when it comes to the numbers Minto is nothing but a hollow man. A cheap, nasty, hypocritical, hollow little man who plots to foist untold poverty – poverty he neither knows nor has known – upon New Zealand by resurrecting the failed Socialist model of a command economy. Even hollow men should have the decency to keep up appearances, but Minto can't even manage that. The only fa?ade Minto keeps up is the olive and red facade of his ill-begotten Sandringham villa. Scum.