The truth about where the Standard came from

Tane has repeatedly been found to be a liar. Once again Tane has been a little economical with the truth about the history of the Standard.

Tane claims that "The Standard" blog is not a Labour party blog, but represents "the labour movement", just like the original "Standard" newspaper was (according to the blog masthead)
[quote]"The New Zealand labour movement used to have its own newspaper. A group of us thought that now might be a good time for it to be digitally reborn: The Standard v2.0"[/quote]

But actually, the Labour Party were behind the original Standard as well:

para 3: "During the present century attempts to start new papers have generally failed. There were 79 new papers up to 1920; few have lasted. The Wellington Dominion is an outstanding example of success. It was begun as a morning paper in 1907 with the aim of filling a need for a newspaper to support Conservative political interests. But the Labour Party was not so successful in its attempt to set up newspapers. The Maoriland Worker was begun as a monthly in 1910 in Wellington; it finished its life as the Standard, a weekly, in 1960. "

So the Labour Party was not so successful in its attempt to set up newspapers – the more things change, the more things stay the same!

And once again Tane's lies are exposed for the world to see, I don't know why anyone believes anything they say anymore.