They're coming for your choooldrin

Antisocial test for children backed – 25 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Cindy Kiro, remember her, she is the one that wants a file on every child has backed provisions for testing for antisocial behaviour and then having the “chosen” choooldrin re-educated.

Except she and the inventors of this intervention in parenting call it by different names. They use things like “measures to vet young children for targeted help” and “going to tackle the problem early to stop it escalating into something that will definitely have a serious intervention later on.” and “identify children who were at risk of developing severe behaviour problems”

All that means is that schools and the government are going to tag children for intervention which really means taking your kids away and re-educating them.

They say they will only concentrate on abnormal behaviour, not typical tantrums or selfish behaviour, would be targeted. So, just to extend the thinking on that does that include homosexual behaviour, most people would class that as abnormal behaviour, what about Sikh children who wear little bobbles on their head, surely that is abnormal, Exclusive Brethren girls wear scarves covering their head, more abnormal behaviour. In South Auckland not carrying a knife to school, whilst also stupid, is also considered abnormal behaviour…….what about telling the school that Daddy gave you a kiss goodnight…..that surely is abhorrent behaviour, I mean what on earth is a father ( a potential rapist) doing alone in the bedroom of his children!!! Abnormal behaviour…..good god, that child is being corrupted, he/she should be in a single parent family at the very least…mark them down for intervention.

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