Top Brass spend up at Police

Hey big spenders – no wonder the police are called the bill – 20 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The Police top brass has been spending up large, on overseas tip, booze, swanky hotels, trinkets, Furnishings????, and bizarrely $1045 to Briscoes… the hell do you spend $1045 at Briscoes.
[quote]Figures released to the Herald on Sunday under the Official Information Act show that in the year to October 31, $2.4 million was charged to police-issued credit cards. Most of the 653 Westpac Mastercards had a $2000 credit limit; seven had a $20,000 limit.

White, who led the so-called terror raids in October, was the top spender, booking up $25,217 on his credit card – around $5000 more than Broad, who spent a total of $20,436.

For White, that included stays at the luxury 391-room Conrad Hotel in Bangkok, Nadi’s Tanoa International Hotel and Singapore’s Shangri La.

White also spent around $7000 on hotel stays in Wellington, nearly $4000 on “official” greenstone gifts at Taonga Pounamu – and one credit card statement mentions a “cash advance fee”, despite police protocols prohibiting such withdrawals.[/quote]

It seems that the top brass spends more time overseas than they do here.

Assistant Commissioners Jon White, Grant Nicholls and Gavin Jones ran up credit card bills of more than $40,000 on overseas accommodation, meals and other miscellaneous expenditure. And that doesn’t include their flights!!!

The Police Union boss Greg O’Connor even confirms that we essentially have part-time top brass at the cops by being quoted saying “These are guys who spend half their lives overseas. Of course they are going to have big bills.”

O’Connor reckons criticism is small minded… he would be screaming from the roof tops if a different Government was in charge.

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