Tutukaka Surf

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I went into Tutukaka to look around at some stuff, pick up some gear and buy food. I wandered into Mal’s shop for a browse and left $400 poorer. he gave me a discount because I told him I was famous and would link to him on my website.

Mal is a great guy and gives as good as he gets. Nevertheless his shop is tops.

I bought a few hats, several pairs of shoes and various other stuff.

The shoes rock…I am in love with these and they are way better than another brand that has all the plonkers in town wearing them. For casual wear or serious rock-hopping these rock. Oh one thing they aren’t shoes….they’re sandals!!! And oh so comfortable…..now if I can get them to sponsor me I’ll be a happy little Whaleoil.

Now I have used the other brand and I have now wrecked two pairs and my kids have wrecked two pairs as well. I am over them. They simply cannot take the knocks. They may be fine for strolling Newmarket and looking dumb but serious beach wear they are not.

These are the ones I got, they are called the SUV. The Sandal Utility Vehicle, golf shoe, approach shoe, hiking shoe, under-water basket weaving shoe….whatever. I love ’em

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