Website first casualty of controversial election law

Website first casualty of controversial election lawThe Electoral Finance Act has claimed its first scalp after a 21-year-old was obliged to take down his website when the Electoral Commission said it breached election rules by not including his name and address.
Andrew Moore, 21,…
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The government has silenced Andy Moore. The 21 year old has had to take down his site after government bully boys threatened legal action to shut him down. Essentially Andy Moore is not rich enough to challenge the law Intended to stop the "Rich from Buying Elections".

Andy doesn't have much money and that was why he approached me to host his site. He can't afford to pay a $10,000 fine, he doesn't want to go to jail and he doesn't want a conviction for a corrupt practice. He doesn't have enough money to challenge the law in court. More importantly he doesn't want his family exposed to unknown elements just because he put a small website on the net saying Don't Vote Labour.

The government has effectively silenced his right to free speech in the the way that Andy chose to speak. The site cost him nothing to make. It cost him nothing to host. Yet it has been shut down because the draconian Electoral Finance Act restrict Free Speech.