While Labour scoffs the crime spree continues in their strongholds

Gunfight in the suburbs: 2 shot – 30 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

It is ironic that Labour scoffs about John Key’s plan for youth and youth crime. Ironic because the suburbs that are the most dangerous in Auckland are also Labour strongholds.

Again this morning we hear of mayhem on the streets of South Auckland, this time it was a gunfight.

These are the areas that supposedly are better off under Labour after 9 years. They have more welfare payments, supposedly they have jobs (they must do because the government tells us so), Working for Families, endless supplementary grants. Surely they are better off.

Well no they aren’t. They still live in the same shitty houses, in the same shitty suburbs, with the same shitty people, they just have more money to spend on their shitty little lives. Life is no better under Labour, poverty hasn’t been eliminated despite nine years of Labour.

The only people saying everything is wonderful and sweetness and light are socialist academics and politicians with woolly thinking and no answers.

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