Wonders never cease

Keith Ng has got the leftists all in a spin over whether or not I am or am not involved with Don't Vote Labour…..some of the fools have even taken to posting Whois information all over the place. Of course Russell, the dirty little snake in the grass, didn't bother to call me to confirm or otherwise what the connection between Andy Moore and myself was….oh no he just went and posted the Whois information and then strolled off on holiday. One other thing, apparently I am a "National activist"….yeah that'll be because I'm paid all those thousands to sit here and plan their strategy….really Russell you can do better than that, or are you just a we bit annoyed that I've passed your sites ranking and left you behind.

Anyway it is worth checking out the whole sorry mess because you will see Keith Ng change his tack and call for the revealing of who is behind the sub-Standard and DPF's stalker blog. He also confirms that the professional effort at the last election by keepleftnz was indeed run out of the Beehive leading me to wonder if the salaries of those staffers were included in Labour's return.

Later in the conversation we see Danyl McLauchlan , someone who has locked horns with me in the past, post a very nice explanation of why he can't support the Electoral Finance Act.

Now I know it has taken many a month but we have now found not one but two lefties willing to say that the law is wrong. Perhaps there is more out there.