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Bird Nest for sale – – New Zealand

Even a used Birds nest. The questions and answers are as usual where the fun lies.
[quote]Hi there. I was wondering if this auction item is suitable for bird nest soup? My girlfriend is chinese & I was hoping to surprise her with a home made version of this unique delicacy posted by: hot_fusion (8 ) 9:18 am, Thu 31 Jan

It is likely that this nest would be suitable for soup. In fact there is likely to be a high protein level within this nest material due to the length of time it remained outside. Also it would prevent the decline of the swiftlet population. Method: Soak birdnest in water. Drain and soak in sherry. Ensure you test sherry personally first. This should be done several times. Defrost chicken and check sherry again. Take the defrosted oven from the chicken and debone. Check sherry. 11:38 am, Thu 31 Jan

Seller Comment:
Take the bones and barbeque on a high heat (time saving tip). Cheak shirry. Cooking is done when the smoke alarm sounds. Remove charcoal from the hitplate on arrange on the stringy straw type stuff in no particular fashion Who cares. Chack slurry. chuck salt on and splatter with tamatoe sauce. Click sloppy. Knock the whole mess on the floor and retire hurt. Grab a bag of crisps and finish the slurpy. Sleep on floor, girlfriend mad. Never have to cook again. Bon Upity. 11:48 am, Thu 31 Jan[/quote]

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