A good warning if Labour thinks the Neutron Bomb option will work

New York Times sullies itself with McCain story

hat tip The Hive

Labour and its sponspored client-blogs should read this warning piece about the political activism of the NY Times and the resulting pouncing on the non-story by left wing blogs, where they tried to desperately smear John McCain.

Sound familiar, it does to me. This week while Labour and its support Winston were being exposed for their venal and corrupt practises for all to see and their rank hypocrisy of being in receipt of “big money” and loans for positions/honours/policy scandal, the left blogs all pretty much kept up their fall into the clutches of Key Derangement Syndrome by beating up a non story about something that John Key is supposed to have said at a meeting in Whangarei.

The Standard was perhaps the worst, in the space of this week they made no less than eight posts on John Key in their desperate attempt to smear him with an out of context comment. How many posts did they give to the Owen Glenn Cash for Honours/Jobs/Policy scandal did they have? One! Just one on the following debacle. Owen Glenn loaned the party money which remains undeclared, Labour Party President Mike Williams lied about, Helen Clark used the “I never did that“, then the “I can’t remember”, then the “If I did then I was only joking” and finally the time honoured “Mike made a mistake, and I moved on and so should you” defenses as her Party president made a complete twat of himself culminating in his faux resignation.

All the other leftist blogs jumped in and they tried to hijack MSM blogs like Colin Espiner’s and Audrey Young’s by trolling the same attack lines against Key. The net result, no result for them, no-one outside of the blogosphere even knows that John Key was even in Whangarei nor anything about what he is supposed to have said. Their rantings did nothing, meanwhile on the right side of the blogosphere cold, hard analysis was taking apart any spin attempts by Helen Clark, Winston Peters, Dail Jones and Mike Williams. The final result of the week, well we will probably see that in the next polls with Labour slumping very close to 30%, Helen Clark and Mike Williams terminally troubled and Owen Glenn laughing his face off.

I predict that this scandal will not die down, that Owen Glenn will release more details, you see no-one but no-one gives away $8 million for nothing, and your name on a building, a silly gong and honorary consulship worth nothing are actually nothing. We have already established that the going rate for Knighthood level gong was $20,000 because their second biggest donor got one at the same time as Glenn got his ONZM. So what did Glenn want, and what didn’t he get? The rumours flying all over Wellington and now Auckland are quite believable. it involved big money, controlling interests of PPP’s (Labours biggest policy flip-flop in Transport, which, gee whiz, is Owen’s little playground) and lucrative building contracts for other major supporters of the Labour Party. Look no further than the plaque commemorating the opening of the Business School. Plus the prescence of Chief Distractor Trevor Mallard. Tell me, why would the Minister of Labour, SOE’s, Environment, Broadcasting and Associate Minister for Finance be at a building opening in Auckland when he is also the local member for a Wellington seat? Any clues? One word. Thstadium.

So with all that going on, corruptions, graft, loan schemes, big money donors trying to buy MP’s the biggest thing that Labour, The EPMU and the client-blogs can come up with is a 3 month old quote from a newspaper with less readers than the Phil U’s blog!!!! Is that it? Is that all they’ve got on John Key? Pathetic. Like that was ever going to distract from the feeding frenzy of a government caught literally with their pants around their ankles and hanging out of the back of a sheep. That’s it, that’s all they’ve got. Imagine the pain of the staffers on the ninth floor, all_your_base included when Heather and Helen call for distractions, “Get me something on Key, anything, take away this mess” and the best thing they can come up with is an out of context quote. Pathetic.

So What next? Well I reckon it is only going to get worse. Like I said earlier, no-one gives $8 million for nothing. Labour and NZ First are probably regretting reneging on whatever deal they had lined up for Owen Glenn because I reckon he is getting revenge. Guys like him play for keeps and the way he has played this has all the hallmarks of Utu for something. $8 million in the big scheme of things is chump change to guys like Glenn so he can write it off, but a deal is a deal is a deal and he is teaching Clark, Williams and Peters a really good lesson on what happens if you cross someone who gives money with strings attached.

What was the deal they have reneged on that has made Glenn set upon them like he has? I predict we will see this coming week. Winston is back tomorrow and he has to deal with his own obfuscation and lying along with his Party President own obfuscations. The media has got their own Utu against Winston who just last week was railing against them from the safety of his seat in the House. He is not going to get the once over lightly, he is going to get right bollocksed by the MSM. He has gone just one obfuscation too far.